Q: How does the service work?
 A: Ecommerce Listers is very quick and easy to use. You purchase any amount of listing credits from us directly or on the website www.ecommercelisters.com, our Team will add you to our internal website & Mobile App, Then you will answer a quick questionnaire and begin uploading your photos. Once your photos are uploaded we will begin creating your drafts with 2-3 days, and notify you when they are completed. You will price them and submit them.
Q: How much does the service cost?
A: Pro ecommerce lister has a very easy to understand tier of pricing:

10 Listings-         ($1.50ea)

25 Listings-         ($1.50ea)

50 Listings-         ($1.50ea)

100 Listings-   ($1.50ea)

250 Listings-   ($1.45ea)

500 Listings-       ($1.40ea)

1000 Listings-        ($1.35ea)

Q: How fast is the turnaround time? 

 A: The team at Ecommerce Lister will begin working on your listings within 2-3 days, and can complete up to 20 listings per day per client. We can complete 25-30 listings per day depending on the clients needs, items and current que times.

 Q:  What platforms do you currently offer? 

 A: We currently make listings for Ebay, Poshmark, Etsy, Shopify & directly into your List Perfectly cross listing platform,.

Q: Can you input Weight, Dimensions & Sku's?

 A: As long as you include the information in one of your photos we will be happy to input it into the listing for you.

Q: Does your service input pricing?

 A: Sorry we do not do pricing research. If you wish to provide us pricing for an item we will be happy to input it. Otherwise the customer would be responsible for inputting prices. 

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